The two high-tech regions, the Ljubljana area and the Villach Technology Park are striving to become recognizable beyond the regional level as on the European level. Due to their geographical proximity, interregional cooperation is important for increasing the number of technological, industrial and research players (thus contributing to critical mass). Because of that, we see the cooperation in the field of AM technology (additive manufacturing) as one of such possibilities, implemented with the ASAM project. The main goal of the interregional cooperation project is to connect the common technological platform of AM technologies and thus greatly strengthen the competitiveness, research and innovation level of both regions.

The implementation of the ASAM project improves the cooperation of both regions in the priority area of “Additive Manufacturing – AM”, and therefore a joint cross-border AM platform has been established. The middle goal is the development of the macro-region of Slovenia, Austria, Northern Italy, Croatia) into a leading region for AM technologies in Europe.

Goals achieved:
1) A knowledge base has been created where:
(a) competencies are shown in the project consortium,
(b) related potential partners in the macro-region are gathered,

(2) the infrastructure for the Demonstration of AM Technologies has been established,

(3) a common business model has been developed to ensure financing and sustainable operation.

The project benefits SMEs for professional training of students, researchers, and the interested individuals.

In the ASAM project, a common understanding of the opportunities and strengths of all project partners was established. Adequate infrastructure of real laboratories as well as a virtual cross-border laboratory has been initiated. The need for cross-border cooperation has its origin in the coincidence
of the partners competencies, a good set of skills and the creation of market opportunities.

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